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Not really, actually this one is 100% for the Fans!! Welcome to the Game Of Thrones Chatroom, a small sub site of Fascination City®
This space is dedicated to Game Of Thrones Fans who just want to share their views on such an epic show!
Which house do you associate with? House Stark? Tully? Lannister? Have your say! Tell us why one is better than the other, or just watch others chat :)

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Fan Favourites

Aleister Hero Character


A character who needs no introduction to true fans. The only daughter of the "Mad King". The Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons and the Protector of the Realm. Season 7 is heating up we know she can stand the heat no matter how hot.

Hecate Hero Character

Jon Snow

Back from the dead and now King of the North! Jon, always has us on the edge of the seat everytime he yeilds his sword. We are a bit nervous for this season coming up, as we know he never runs from a challenge. The iconic brave hero...

Theregar Hero Character


Probably the best matser mind in any show for a long time. Cersei Lannister demands respect and that you pretty much bow to her, let's face it if this was real and you didn't, every day you wake up would be a blessing.

Roth Hero Character


He makes drinking look cool while making us laugh. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he has our hearts with almost all the moves he makes, especially that slap he gave Joeffry all that time ago! Never Forget!